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Funded in 2004 by ester G. Rodrigues, Teca Fro became a reference as a business of design specialized in the creation, production and source of sweet cases in paper and fabric in the shape of flowers. These products became very well know by making a huge difference in the design of events decorations as it brought the standards to a next level.

Being a florist since 1982, Ester delivered all of her knowledge in the development process of the products now to be provided by her business. The unique design, high quality and variety of colors are always present in all their range.

On the fashion design side of things, the flowers made of fabric and other materials by TecaFro have been present in many occasions by different professionals, as they once again beat mass production products making it more exclusive and desirable by all customers.

Therefore, with the intention to meet the demand of its customers, in 2023 TecaFro launched the Hobby Machine for the production of these same flowers wherever the client may be.

" Eu só consigo chamar de arte algo que tem por inteiro sua obra dentro de uma harmonia e de uma beleza que nos encanta."
" Eu só consigo chamar de arte algo que tem por inteiro sua obra dentro de uma harmonia e de uma beleza que nos encanta." Teca

General Products

TecaFro supplies all the products you may need to make the decorative table at your event an event itself! We offer:

  • Sweet cases and mini cake cases (ready to go);
  • Fabric flowers to be used as accessories on clothing - These can be used on hats, belts, dresses... The options are limitless;
  • Machine "Hobby" model for the manufacturing of the flower shaped sweet cases;
  • TecaFro paper for the manufacturing of the sweet cases.

Flowers with variation disclaimer

TecaFro counts with a unique variety of colors that were designed and developed exclusively for TecaFro flowers.

Our color palette counts with 365 unique colors and shades that go along with the natural flowers of an event's decoration.

The paper used and supplied by TecaFro are also very unique and had gone through the same creative process.

Hobby Machine

TecaFro has just launched the Hobby Machine, which is making a lot of professionals dream come true when it comes to producing sweet cases designed to the events industry.

This equipment comes to serve new professionals who are in the beginning of their activities as for the production of sweet cases or even fashion designers who look into productioning their own flower accessories for their own designs.

The machine opens many doors for patisseries as well, as it makes the process of production of the sweet cases a lot easier. It takes one "click" for the layers to close forming a beautiful flower for their sweets.

It has taken us between 5 to 6 years to develop this product and the secret is in its mold.

The equipment contains the technology created and developed by TecaFro which was one of the pioneers in the production of the flower shaped sweet cases and also the fabric flowers for designs.

This way, TecaFro brought the accessibility to the event industry market the possibility to produce these same flowers and sweet cases in an efficient, simple, fast and practical manner.


You can also become a TecaFro representative! When purchasing our Hobby Machine for the production of the sweet cases and flowers, you open countless doors of opportunities to look after the direct manufacturing and distribution of these products.

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